7 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Remodel Painless

Remodeling a kitchen is a great way to give your home an entirely new look, but if you’re nervous about getting started, don’t be. There are things you can do to make the process a lot simpler so you can end up with the kitchen of your dreams without too much stress or difficulty. Below are seven of those things.

  1. If You’re Considering an Island, Try One Out First

Although islands can take up a lot of room, they are the perfect way to add more storage space to your kitchen. If you are thinking about adding an island, create one from cardboard or plywood so you can get an idea of how it will work in your kitchen. Be sure it is a full-scale model so that there aren’t any surprises once you make your decision, but otherwise this is a great way to “test out” a kitchen island for yourself.

  1. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen for Convenience

Being without a kitchen when you’re remodeling is a pain, but if you use your old cabinets and set up a temporary kitchen in another area of the house, it won’t feel like you’re staying in a hotel while the renovations are being made. This way, you can at least have coffee and breakfast in the morning while the renovations are taking place, which will make you feel less like a transient and more like the homeowner that you are.

  1. Try Something New for Your Newly Created Kitchen

Many people need a small office in their home, and if you’re renovating your kitchen, why not go all the way and add an office there? The good news is that adding an office doesn’t take up much room, because all you need is a small built-in desk that can hold a computer and space for the chair that will go with it. While you’re renovating, you can easily add the office you’ve always wanted, and it is both practical and inexpensive to do so.

  1. Take the Opportunity to Add a Bigger Refrigerator

If you’ve always wanted a bigger refrigerator, now is the time to do get one. While you’re still in the planning phase, leave a space between the cabinets that is big enough for a newer, larger refrigerator. If you need to, you can use panels or filler strips to fill up extra space that may be there once you install your new fridge. Make sure the panels and strips match your cabinets so the area looks nice and neat, and once that new refrigerator is in place, you’ll never regret the decision to put it there.

  1. Don’t Order Your Countertops Too Soon

Instead of using the ones in the plans that were developed, measure your base cabinets after they are installed to make sure your countertops will fit properly. Use a carpenter’s square for more exact measurements, and make sure you measure them after the installation is complete, because the measurements may be a bit different than those in your plans. After you get an accurate measurement of the base cabinets, you will know for sure what size countertops you need to make your kitchen look just right.

  1. Think of Ways to Add Precious Counter Space to Your New Kitchen

Since you’re renovating, this is a great time to think up ways to add precious counter space to your new kitchen. Products to consider include pull-down racks, which you can easily make yourself by researching them online. Pull-down racks are great for storing spices, knives, and many other small items. They are also very easy to operate, and when they’re closed, they give the kitchen a very neat and organized look.

  1. Consider a Decorative Rack for Your Backsplash

The area above your stove and other areas on or near your backsplash is a great place to install a rack for larger gadgets such as whisks, large spoons and ladles, spatulas, and even measuring cups and spoons. You can design the area any way you wish, especially if you search various DIY websites to get some ideas. Plus, the racks are a perfect way to add additional storage space to your kitchen and lend it some ambiance at the same time, and it is both easy and inexpensive to do so.